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Google for Creators

Video Series for Google


Google for Creators provides tools, guidance and inspiration for people who make awesome content for the web. We managed the whole project and produced a dynamic series of 5 different shows with a total of 100 episodes distributed on the Google for Creators channels.


The videos have inspired countless bloggers, podcasters and artists with subscriber numbers increasing by tens of thousands as a result.


Video Series


We created a series of 1 minute explanatory videos to simply communicate and educate the audience about crypto investing. To better fit the local market, we created videos both in English and Arabic.


The videos were published on BitOasis's own social media platforms and performed extremely well with a lot more views and engagement compared to the other posts. As experts at creating simplified and relatable content, we made each video easy to understand and fun to watch.

Example Viral Video


Meet the first and best crypto exchange in the region, for first-timers and professionals alike.

♬ original sound - BitOasis

When Steve Meets East

For The Emirates


When Steve Meets East is a 6-episode online series commissioned by the UAE government, starring Steve Harvey. From pre-production to post-production, we handled every aspect of the project including casting, scripting, location scouting, styling, shooting, and editing. Working to a super tight deadline, this entire process took us just 2 weeks!


The series brought in over 80 million views around the world, which represents a resounding success for this awareness campaign.

Example Viral Videos


Series of corporate videos


We created a series of corporate videos to simply communicate the benefits and features of Nice's products and solutions. The videos were  produced in-house at record-breaking speed and delivered the message in a straighforward and engaging way.


The videos were for the client's internal use. As experts at creating simplified and relatable content, we made each video easy to understand and fun to watch.