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Museum of the Future


We gathered 15 creators from all around the world and guided them to make videos, stories, reels, and social media posts about MOTF to promote the launch of MOTF globally, generating an awareness campaign about this amazing building and positioning the museum as the place of innovation, entertainment, and education in people's minds.


We created a massive international buzz with more than 100M views across all social media channels globally; people loved the videos that our creators produced and got very curious about MOTF.



Creator Campaign Focus on Japan

What did we do?

We promoted the Agoda App across Japan and helped amplify the already running TV commercial with the help of our creator network

How we did it?

In this campaign, we assigned 30 Japanese creators and gave them the challenge to visit a city in Japan, book a room in a nice hotel through Agoda App, and spend ¥30K. Each one made a video about their trip and mentioned the benefits of Agoda.


Result: 5M reach, 1M views, 40k engagement across Instagram and Youtube